FPGA ARM HummingBird Board

Hummingbird board has integrated a lattice FPGA (ICE5LP1K) and a ST ARM32 CPU (STM32F070CBT6).

ICE5LP1K belongs lattice iCE40 ultra FPGA famil. iCE40 FPGA has been used in Apple’s iPhone7. It is an ultra-low power FPGA, has ultra-small sizes available, which is very suitable for portable devices and always on-line internet thing devices. It's worth to taking time to study and can be used in many application fields. ICE5LP1K‘s main features include:

(1) Ultra-low Power: As low as 71 µA standby current typical;
(2) One Hardened I2C Interfaces and One Hardened SPI Interfaces;
(3) Two On-Chip Oscillators:10kHz and 48Mhz;
(4) On-chip DSP:
(5) Flexible Device Configuration:
(6) Embedded PWM IP:
(7) One PLL Block;
(8) Multi low skew global clock signal input pins;

STM32F070CBT6 belongs ST STM32 family, it is an ARM32 MCU. ST provide STM32CubeMX software tool, which can help customer very easily develop the MCU firmware. For hummingbird board, it is also a FPGA programmer which program the lattice FPGA or communicate with it as one coprocessor. It's main features include:

(1) 128 Kbytes of Flash memory;
(2) 16 Kbytes of SRAM with HW parity;
(3) 1.0 µs ADC, 13x12b;
(4) 5-channel DMA controller;
(5) Calendar RTC with alarm and periodic wakeup from Stop/Standby;
(6) 11 timers;
(7) Up to two I2C interfaces, Fast Mode Plus (1 Mbit/s) support;
(8) Up to two SPIs (18 Mbit/s) with 4 to 16 programmable bit frames;
(9) USB 2.0 full-speed interface with BCD and LPM support;
(10) Serial wire debug (SWD);
(11) ARM 32bit Cortex M0 CPU, frequency up to 48MHz;
(12) CRC calculation unit;
(13) Internal 8Mhz and 40kHz RC clock;
(14) Up to 26 fast I/Os with 5V tolerant capability, all mappable on external interrupt vectors;

The main purpose of this board is to provide an eduational plateform for people who want to learn FPGA, ARM32 or both. It also can be used as a base to quickly develop applications that take advantage of the real time and parallel processing ability of FPGA, and the many functions of ARM32, such as operation system, file system, and USB communcation, etc..

We are creating a series of FPGA and ARM32 educational videos which utilize the Hummingbird board to help people to learn how to develop related applications quickly and efficiently. All the lessons will be posted on: www.micro-studios.com/lessons

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Price: $88.00