About us

Micro-Studios is located in California U.S.A., with a wealth of experience in the field of embedded system design and development which has included technology areas such as wireless networking, USB, windows drivers and digital television. Throughout, the software engineering has always been very tightly coupled with hardware design and debug, from designing and debugging microprocessor systems to architecting and validating system-on-a-chip IC’s.

We are able to provide you with:

  1. A complete hardware/software consultancy and development service
  2. Bespoke hardware development - embedded micros, SoC systems, PC interfacing
  3. PCB development - schematic capture, production-ready layout, prototyping
  4. Bespoke software development - from OS and drivers through to applications
  5. Development of optimized embedded Linux systems

Specializing in particular where hardware meets software, we understand the importance of hardware / software co-design and of correctly partitioning system functionality in order to realize the optimum solution.

Our knowledge and experience gives us extensive capabilities ranging from system architecting through to user application software.